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Kindle Daily Deal Widgets 1.1

Version 1.1 now available – Should be much more resilient to server and connection failures now (makes my life easier as my mobile network had a data outage last night 😉 )

Also massively improved the server side, as Amazon’s US daily deal for 12/02 broke it. Should be much happier now though.

Kindle Daily Deal Widgets 1.0

The recent arrival of a Kindle in our house has prompted daily checks of the Kindle Daily Deal page, and it occurred to me that there must be an Android widget to display it on your home screen. Only I couldn’t find one.

So here it is 🙂

There are seperate versions for the UK and US – if you need another territory, I should be able to help you out… Drop me a mail 🙂

Details over here…

FlashNotify 1.6.1

Another new update – I think I’ve finally found the reason that some SMS messages don’t seem to start the flashing, and it should now be fixed. I’ll keep an eye on it all the same, but this should make things more reliable.

The hairy technical details for anyone who cares – It seems that the SMS_RECEIVED broadcast is sent before the message is added to the SMS content provider database. Thus, my code was getting the SMS_RECEIVED notification, only to discover that there weren’t any unread SMS messages (yet), and it shut down again. Big old delay before the first flash attempt should fix that 🙂

FlashNotify 1.6.0

Update now available – The main bugfix is that it no longer plays any notification tone you have set up if you’re actually on the phone. Should have fixed that one a while ago, really. Apologies…

Also, the donate versions now have the option to vibrate the phone too… Yours for an entire pound.

FlashNotify 1.5.1

Minor update now available – It fixes a crash related to the Audio Notification option I added recently. If you didn’t have a default notification sound, the whole thing would collapse. Oops.

Apologies for that one – The fix is now available from the Market.

FlashNotify 1.5

FlashNotify 1.5 is now available, and is largely a convenience for me, if I’m completely honest 🙂

It reorganises some of the internal structure of the app (now using Android Library projects, in case anyone cares). Those using the donation versions of the app will notice that the “Please donate” links have also been removed.

Onwards to see if I can make other notifications work properly 🙂

FlashNotify 1.4

Lots of real life getting in the way there, I’m afraid. As noted – Updates are infrequent 🙂

Changes in this version:

  • Audio Notification – You can now have the default notification sound played when the screen flashes, as requested by a number of people. This is off by default, as I can see it getting pretty annoying 🙂
  • Shorter intervals added to the “Stop Flashing After…” option – Requested via email.
  • New logging added – This will hopefully let me track down the persistent problem where the phone is flashing and people can’t work out why

I’m working on adding new notification types too, but I have to rely on the application that generates the events telling the system in a specific way, which depends on their developers. I’m trying… honest 🙂

FlashNotify 1.3.1 and 1.3.2

It seems that the notification wasn’t a popular addition, according to the marketplace comments, so I rush-released 1.3.1 to remove it – I’m enjoying the 4 star average at the moment.

All that said, I actually quite liked the notification, and so 1.3.2 re-adds the notification, but as an option that defaults to off. Hopefully, this will annoy fewer people 🙂

FlashNotify 1.3

I’ve had a lot of reports from people that their phone flashes for no reason, and the most common cause is that they have old “unseen” missed calls. They’ve simply cleared the notification, but the calls are still marked as new until you actually go and look at them in the dialer app.

This new version of FlashNotify will give you a persistent notification while it thinks it should be flashing, and will tell you why – Hopefully, this should make the diagnosis a little easier 🙂 Touching on the notification will take you to the messaging app, or the missed calls list, depending on the outstanding events.

On the subject of adding diagnostics, there’s also now an option to send me some logs, which should help me to diagnose problems remotely. This integrates with the “Android Log Collector” application, freely available on the market, and should make my life a whole lot easier.

FlashNotify 1.2.1 Now Available

I know I said updates would be infrequent, but I’ll admit that this has taken a longer break than I intended 😉 Pesky real-world-work has got in the way (our project is screaming towards release), and I’m afraid that this has taken a back-seat for the time being.

1.2.1 is a minor release which removes the remote crash reporting, and the associated “Full internet access” privs on the application. I’m always a little nervous when an app requests all kinds of privileges I don’t think it needs, and I’m keen not to be an offender 🙂

Also worth noting that there’s a new FAQ bit on the FlashNotify page, which should answer a few questions… I get quite a lot of email about this at the moment, and I’m really sorry that I’ve not been able to get back to you individually. I’ll keep trying though 🙂">Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Valid XHTML and CSS.
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