Kindle Daily Deal Widgets


The recent arrival of a Kindle in our house has prompted daily checks of the Kindle Daily Deal page, and it occurred to me that there must be an android widget to display it on your home screen. Only I couldn’t find one.

So here it is 🙂

Operation should be obvious, but touch the:
– Share button to let friends know about the deal via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and whatever else the cool kids are using now
– Search button to find other bits and bobs on Amazon
– Anywhere else to load the the relevant Amazon product page – Ideal for those impulse One-Click purchases 😉

There are seperate versions for the UK, US, Germany, France, Italy and Spain – if you need another territory, I should be able to help you out… Drop me a mail 🙂


Available now on the Android Market, as follows:

UK Version

US Version

German Version

French Version

Italian Version

Spanish Version

Does It Work With ICS? I Can’t Find It In The Widgets List…

In the newest version of Android (known variously as Android 4, Ice Cream Sandwich or ICS), there is a known problem which stops some widgets from showing up in the list after installation. I realise it’s not the most professional advice, but rebooting your device after install generally resolves this. There’s more details on the official Google bug tracker.

What Does This Get Me?

It looks a bit like this…



It gets stuck on “Loading…” – What’s going on?

There are a few causes for this one, and if I’m honest, I thought I caught them all. Clearly not. In the short term, remove the widget and re-add it, and all should be well. I’d appreciate it if you let me know you’ve seen it.

How often does it update? Is it going to eat stacks of data allowance?

It should update just once a day, shortly after the deal changes. That equates to around 00:30 for the UK version, and around 00:30 PST for the US version. Each update only downloads ~170 bytes of text and a very small image for each widget, so it’s a pretty negligible quantity of data.

Version History

1.4.6 – Initial release for IT and ES

1.4.5 – French Only – Altered to use the new French Language daily deal

1.4.2 – Fixed problem with update scheduling. We could skip a days update if we weren’t careful.

1.4 – Added ICS resizing and previews. Added network cache and threaded updating. Partially prepped for CDN.

1.3.2 – Added French language translations

1.3.1 (.de only) – Added German language translations

1.3 – Added launcher icon as an attempt to work around ICS bug.

1.2 – Added search and share. Backed off the connection recovery code a little.

1.1 – Much more resilient to server/connection failure. Improved back end parsing too (now v2).">Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Valid XHTML and CSS.
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