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FlashNotify 1.5

FlashNotify 1.5 is now available, and is largely a convenience for me, if I’m completely honest 🙂

It reorganises some of the internal structure of the app (now using Android Library projects, in case anyone cares). Those using the donation versions of the app will notice that the “Please donate” links have also been removed.

Onwards to see if I can make other notifications work properly 🙂

FlashNotify 1.4

Lots of real life getting in the way there, I’m afraid. As noted – Updates are infrequent 🙂

Changes in this version:

  • Audio Notification – You can now have the default notification sound played when the screen flashes, as requested by a number of people. This is off by default, as I can see it getting pretty annoying 🙂
  • Shorter intervals added to the “Stop Flashing After…” option – Requested via email.
  • New logging added – This will hopefully let me track down the persistent problem where the phone is flashing and people can’t work out why

I’m working on adding new notification types too, but I have to rely on the application that generates the events telling the system in a specific way, which depends on their developers. I’m trying… honest 🙂">Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Valid XHTML and CSS.
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