FlashNotify 1.3

I’ve had a lot of reports from people that their phone flashes for no reason, and the most common cause is that they have old “unseen” missed calls. They’ve simply cleared the notification, but the calls are still marked as new until you actually go and look at them in the dialer app.

This new version of FlashNotify will give you a persistent notification while it thinks it should be flashing, and will tell you why – Hopefully, this should make the diagnosis a little easier 🙂 Touching on the notification will take you to the messaging app, or the missed calls list, depending on the outstanding events.

On the subject of adding diagnostics, there’s also now an option to send me some logs, which should help me to diagnose problems remotely. This integrates with the “Android Log Collector” application, freely available on the market, and should make my life a whole lot easier.

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